Downgrade Firmware HP 135W, 135A

Mindset: Downgrade higher firmware version (V3.82.01.14, V3.82.01.15, V3.82.01.16) to lower original firmware version (V3.82.01.02, V3.82.01.08, V3.82.01.11) which can be permanent reset page counter.

How to downgrade firmware HP 135W, 135A

Downgrade firmware HP 135W, 135A Part 1

Downgrade firmware HP 135W, 135A Part 2

1. Desoldering EEPROM W25Q64 from Motherboard (PCB Board or Formatter Board)
– To replace the microcircuit, remove the plastic part of the case on the right side. We disconnect the wires and cables. Remove the Formatter and turn it over. We find the Winbond W25Q64 chip, maybe another compatible SPI-flash Programmer (or Mini Pro TL866A TL866CS…Which can support W25Q64 chip). Using a soldering station (two soldering irons) and tweezers, remove the EEPROM W25Q64.


2. Load original dump EEPROM file to EEPROM W25Q64
– Download EEPROM W25Q64 Dump File: HP 135W EEPROM DUMP CHIP
– Using Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS to override dump data to EEPROM W25Q64.

Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS

3. Soldering EEPROM W25Q64 into Motherboard
4. Load original firmware for HP 135W, 135A
– Download HP 135W’s Original Firmware: HP 135W Original Firmware
– Make sure that the printer is connected to the PC with a USB cable.
– Drag the SWUPGRADE_ON.PRN file and drop down it on the usblist2.exe in the firmware folder downloaded.
– Drag the firmware file(***.hd) and drop down it on the usblist2.exe.

firmware fix printer

DO NOT power cycle the machine or the PC during this process or the machine may become unstable and or unusable without further attention from HP. The flash firmware update can take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please be patient.
– The printer automatically will reboot once the firmware update is complete.
– Print the configuration report to confirm the firmware version.
5. Buy fix firmware for original HP 135W to reset permanently “toner very low” error.
– Link to buy:

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