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  1. Hi I have just purchased the rest for an Epson printer i have received the email with the key but where do i download the software from?

  2. I tried to download your reset Epson waste ink pad counter free software for Mac and my computer would not launch your software. I have an Epson Expression XP-830 that I am trying to reset. Is this something that I have to purchase for this to work?

  3. hello I want to buy the code but it just send me to paypal no visa option

  4. David Bocaletti

    i recently purchase a key and when i try to reset my other printer ask again for the key…

  5. wait reset for printer hp-107w …..

  6. Hola, quiero comprar pero no tengo tarjeta crédito, y por paypal me pide tambien tarjeta. Me puede ayudar como puedo pagar si es posible por PSE. gracias

  7. I purchased program. my site coordinator says it’s not safe. that sites like these steal your personal information. Are you legitimate?

    • Our Website was integrated with paypal payment gateway, all your payment info was secured by Paypal. Paypal is the most payment method over the world and it very secure for customer.

      Our website does not store any your payment information, so you can rest assured about your payment information.

  8. Hi,

    I paid for a reset key last Saturday but have not received it.
    The printer is an Epson XP 355.
    Can you help please?


  9. Hi;
    I have an Epson Workforce WF-4730. After a recent update from Epson the printer will not recognize generic ink cartridges.
    All four cartridges were installed not more than five print jobs ago. Those consisted of text only and used only black ink.
    They worked fine up until I allowed an update from Epson.

    The current error message reads:
    Maintenance Error
    Cannot recognize Ink Cartridge.
    Try installing again. [M] (magenta?)
    Check ink cartridge codes.

    So far I have uninstalled all Epson products from my laptop running Windows 7.
    I start the printer while completely discontected from my computer but the same error message persists.
    I will not be forced to buy expensive Epson ink. I’d rather have a bulldozer run over the unit and buy something more sensible.
    How can I resolve this issue?

  10. Pierre Cardinal

    I bought a reset Key for my epson artisan 837 and i did not receive it yet still whaiting for it to get back to me

    • **** is not email that you used to order on website. I checked your name “Pierre Cardinal” and found another email piercar***** –> pls check that email to find serial key.

  11. surendra boolani

    i need no chip cartridge firmware for hp to laser mf 136w/136a

  12. I bought the chipless for xp15000. I can not get the activation to download so I can put my key.

  13. epson l550 frmwere update light off and error recovery mode solution pls

  14. Already get it. Thank you

  15. G’Day
    I purchased a reset key from your company through PayPal on 15/09/2021 for my Epson XP960. As yet I have not received the key. Could you please forward as soon as possible as I’m lost without the printer.

  16. Hi, I’ve downloaded the software and I need the key but the problem is how do I buy the key ? we don’t have paypal in my country, pls help

  17. Hi,

    Will this work for epson 4880?

  18. When will you get chipless firmware for epson wf7840

  19. Purchased the chipless firmware and activation key for the Epson XP15000
    The firmware loaded ok the version is correct.
    The activation process will now allow me to put the ( password in to extract the program to proceed
    Please advize

  20. need konoif have for samsung 2020 reset chip

  21. Buenas tardes.
    Que precio tiene para una epson wf-2630

  22. Hello I have an epson wf 2850 and am trying to convert it to sublimation. I have refillable ink cartridges without a chip. How do I do this? Do I need to purchase the chipless firmware? If so, do you have easy step by step instructions? I am having a hard time with this. Thanks

  23. Hello, I realize this has nothing to do with reset keys but I am looking for instructions on how to replace the printhead on my Epson WF-7010. I have already purchased the new printhead, but am unable to find instructions on how to properly install it on this particular printer. (I have replaced printheads on other printers) Do you happen to know where I might find the directions. Thank you in advance for your consideration. -j

  24. I received email did not contain the serial key can you help to check & resend.

  25. Hi,

    I paid for a reset key through paypal 13 jun but have not received it.
    The printer is an Epson XP200.
    Can you help please?

  26. hi, this is marisse
    been trying to activate resetter for L4260 but the key I am receiving is incorrect. please help

  27. My Samsung CLX 3185 printer has 3 different CRUM numbers on the info report (1 for Yellow/Magenta and 1 for Cyan and 1 for Black). How do I enter this on the order?

  28. Dear Mr. Dangmien,

    I’ve successfuly flashed chipless fix firmware on my ho 107a printer. Thank you very much. In the instruction you mentioned not to use cartridge with a chip, otherwise printer will be blocked.
    If it will happen in the future by mistake, how I can unblock it, using original cartridge (with original chip)?
    Thank you.

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