How To Find Hardware ID And Printer Model

How to find Hardware ID

– Because Adjprog.exe gets Hardware ID info –> Antivirus will misunderstand Adjprog.exe is the virus ==> you need to disable antivirus before extract and run Adjprog.exe or add to exclusion folder

– Extract Downloaded File:

find Hardware ID

– Password extract file is

find Hardware ID

– Open adjprog.exe

find Hardware ID

– Copy Hardware ID then send it to admin email or paste it to order box.

find Hardware ID

How to find printer model

find printer model

find printer model

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  1. Nelson O. Babasa

    I need resetter for epson printer L3210 and L121

  2. D69D-B028-F1ED-6915

  3. D90D6-D08DC-5B006-AB3EE

  4. An-Gielo G. Besinga


    Good day sir! Can i request serial ID for Epson L3210 resetter. Badly needed lang po. Thank you in advance.Godbless po..

  5. nguyễn thế đạt


  6. 4F696-D08AA-F1006-A1EE2

  7. 06F7-EEE3-998F-D625

  8. EA5F-D0EE-2C6F-22C0

  9. F21F6-D080F-CA006-A7119

  10. 2FEB-B535-1FF9-4D97

  11. Can I get EPSON ET-2500 serial Number please ????

  12. 02EB6-D0847-3B006-A63E2
    Epsom L1110, pls support. tks

  13. hardwere ID 5B5A-0334-0605-EB4D
    Printer Epson ET-2650

  14. MN10-65576D22-35-0E-68-C9-24-B5-BE-C4 Epson SP 1390 Adjustment Program


  16. Nguyễn Hữu Đông


  17. s’il vous plais je possède pas le numéro de série pour adjprogram epson xp-245
    hardware ID: 946F-4A30-288F-B28A

  18. EPSON XP-245
    hardware ID:1C21-2075-A247-7235
    pls support. tks.

  19. ID for L1800- please

  20. Hardware ID: 937A-E120-8B1B-D1C6
    Epson XP-225
    Please serial!

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