EPSON WF-C5790/WF-C5790a/WF-C5710/ET-8700/WF-C5210/WF-C5290/WF-C5290a Error Code 19000

Error Code: 19000, Compatible Model: EPSON WF-C5790/WF-C5790a/WF-C5710/ET-8700/WF-C5210/WF-C5290/WF-C5290a

 Error name
 Calibration error (error code: 190000)
 Cause
 Cannot perform proper image reading.
 Suspected cause
 CIS Module failure
 Main board failure
 FFC disconnection in ADF/SCN
 Troubleshooting
Step Check and measure Yes No
Visually check the FFCs of the ADF/SCN Unit.
Check the FFC (thick) in ADF/SCN that is connected to the main board to
make sure that it is not inserted obliquely or disconnected.
Go to step 2
 Properly connect the FFC of ADF/SCN.
 Replace the ADF/SCN Unit if the FFC is
2 Replace the ADF/SCN Unit.
Does the error occur after replacing the ADF/SCN Unit? Go to step 3 End
3 Replace the Main Board Assy.
Does the error occur after replacing the Main Board Assy? Contact the EPSON Service Department. End

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