Discount Rates For Customers

Information for wholesale buyers

– For all our clients who use our service quite often, we give a substantial price discount. If you are a representative of a service centre for maintenance of office equipment, are selling printing media or simply would like to become our dealer in your area, you can count on a really significant reduction of prices for the Reset Keys.

– In order to buy our products with a discount, you don’t necessarily have to be a registered user, it will be enough if you are a regular customer and do frequently order Reset Keys through our website. The discount system is very flexible and is directly proportional to your orders.

The more you buy, the larger the discount. If your orders are really often, then we recommend you to register an account in our system, so that our cooperation can be more effective. More information on registration and Reset Keys generation here.

– If a larger number of Reset Keys is needed, the discount assignment can be done individually, based on the needed amount of Reset Keys, devices and their printer models.

Anyhow, we always are looking forward to find a solution which is good for both parties, so feel free to write us about reducing Reset Keys prices and we will offer you a very good option.

Discount rates for customers:

– Discount can be given by our operator according to the quantity and frequency of your orders, after client request receipt.

– The Reset Keys price can be reduced only if you have ordered at least 10 Reset Keys. Depending on the time period in which you have ordered them, we will calculate the percentage of a discount.

– A discount can be assigned only after the receipt of a clients’ request in our service.

– We stand for an individual treatment for each client; therefore the final discount amount depends not only on the number of orders, but also on the length of our cooperation.

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