Registration Conditions

Registration information

– Registration is needed first of all for our loyal customers and agents. Through registration, you as a customer will be able to use the Reset Keys generating system, with which the ordering, paying and the receipt of Reset Keys is made really simple and convenient. And of course, if you are not planning to order large amount of Reset Keys or to become our agent, then you can make orders without registration.

How to register?

– To register an account on our site, you need to send us a freely filled form with registration information on [email protected] . We’ll review your letter and decide whether to register you or not.

Registration conditions:

1. Be a customer for at least 2-3 weeks;
2. Have a good credit history and reputation;
3. Number of purchased Reset Keys should exceed 3-4 orders per month;
4. Deposit sum should be 100 USD or more.

Deleting a registered user:

1. Our service holds the right to remove a user account, if there will be such a need, by notifying the user in advance;
2. If within two months the registered user has not made any orders, his account is deleted by default;
3. If you have decided to delete your profile, please send us a free form letter regarding this to our e-mail address.

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